10 Highly Effective Time Management Skills

10 Highly Effective Time Management Skills

Time management is a significant way to increase productivity in your daily work. By time management skills you can achieve your long term and short terms goals in your life. Most people are not aware of time management skills and what is the importance of time in our life. Time is the most precious thing we have.

Important of time management

Every single person on the earth has given the same amount of time, which is 24 hours. So why everyone cannot be a successful person in their life. There is a vast difference between legends and normal people which the use of 24 hours. Legends manage their work by following time management skills. Normal people don’t know the importance of time management.

You can conquer in your life if you can understand the importance of time management. So you have to learn some time management skills and some habits you need to get. Following time management skills, tips and habits will help you to manage your time.

1. Make a journal

Before you start your working day you should list your work in your daily journal. Writing the journal will help you to remember your work. Many people nowadays making the excuse that they forget to do the work. Start writing the journal and get the habit to read it. You can complete your essential work by writing the journal.

What should you write in your journal ?

  • Work
  • Deadline
  • Events
  • Your goals
  • People to call
  • Completed worklist
  • Meetings
  • Place to visit

There are also other things you should write but these are most important. You can easily manage your time and work by writing the journals.

2. Create a deadline

Without creating a deadline you cannot complete any work in the short term. Most people procrastinating their work because they don’t create a deadline. The deadline will force you and aware of you to complete the work which you have started. Create a deadline for your tasks and complete your task before the deadline is reached.

3. First things First

First things first mean complete the most important and urgent work then take other works. Steven r. covey the author of the seven habits of highly effective people, Mentioned this skill in his book. 20% of your work will add 80% value in your life. You have to complete this 20% work first.

First, you need to figure out that important works. Make a list and add the deadline for that works. With this skill, you can manage your important work with time management.

4. Schedule your work

Schedule your work means making a list of your work and make an exact time for every work. Mesure which work you will be able to complete in how much time. Likewise, make a second work schedule. Thus, make your every single work schedule. Mesure the time limit, create one to one worklist. Scheduling the work will be helpful for students and employees.

5. Plan your Week on Sunday

Make a plan for your whole week on Sunday. Make a work list and create a deadline for every work. These following things you can add in your whole week plan.

  • Your works
  • Deadline of works
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Person to meet
  • Important decisions

6. Avoid multitasking

Most people like to complete all their work very fast so, they prefer to do multitasking. But, most of them are not capable to do multitasking. It will create the worst impact on your work.

Sometimes you cannot get good and expected results by multitasking. So, try to do one work at one time. It will give you valuable and expected results.

7. Teamwork

Many works take a long time to complete. That type of work is very hard to complete by one person. At that time teamwork is the most efficient way to finish the work with managing time.

Teamwork will help you to increase productivity and creativity. Time management can increase by the teamwork in your organization. It is the best way to manage time by manpower.

8. Learn from your mistakes

Being a human it is normal if you make mistakes but it is not fair if you are repeating those mistakes again and again. Repeating the mistakes take a long time to complete the work. You can’t manage your time and work with this bad habit.

You should learn from your mistakes and this habit has a benefit. When the second time you do the same work you can do it quickly and without making mistakes. So learn from your mistakes and enhance your productivity.

Very few people consider this point as time management skills. They don’t know that if they repeat their mistakes then it will consume more time to finish the task.

9. Forget unnecessary work

People are easily being attracted by unimportant works. They really like and enjoy that work which will not really worthwhile and valuable for their career. Don’t waste your time by doing inessential hag outs and social media surfing.

You have to create certain limits for these works. Unnecessary works will increase the procrastinating habit. Make a certain time for enjoyment and entertainment. You can do it on weekends or on other holidays.

10. Relax

After completing more works you need a space for relaxation. If you are tired and still doing work without taking a rest will make a bad impact on your health. People neglect this thing in time management skills. After a rest or relaxation, you can do your work more quickly.

Relaxation habit is very useful for the improvement of productivity. Peace of mind is very required in this 21st century. If you want to utilize your time management skills then relaxation is the best way. you should do the following things for relaxation.

  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Spend time with family
  • Sleep well
  • Make tripe or small picnic
  • Reading books
  • Watching movies

To sum up

After reading this blog you can think that learning time management skills are not a big deal. You can do effective time management in your daily life by following some habits and tips. These tips and skills will be worthwhile for your career if you follow them. Nowadays you can’t neglect time management skills because it is necessary for your resume. I hope you can learn and apply all these time management skills and tips in your life. Best of luck

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