7 Powerful Ways To Overcome The Rejection Fear

7 Powerful Ways To Overcome The Rejection Fear

Sometimes it is hard to accept rejection while you well prepared for your work. Some people can’t handle rejection or some have a fear of rejection before being rejected. The following information will help you to handle rejection and how to overcome the fear of rejection.

Type of rejections

Before we start first understand how many types of rejections fears are existed. People are suffering from various types of rejection fears in their life :

  • Job rejection fear
  • Relationship rejection fear
  • Business deal rejection fear

These three are the most common rejection fear existed. A person who wants to get a job has a fear of job rejection because of cut-throat competition. A person who falls in love with someone wants to get him or her and if he or she rejects him then they feel anxiety.

The last common rejection fear is business rejections. A person who has an idea but people reject him to get funds or collaboration. These are the business rejections.

If you want to be successful then you need to overcome all of these fears and in the following information, you can learn how to do it. To overcoming fear of rejection, you should apply all of these following tips.

How to overcome a fear of rejection

1. Accept your rejection

You need to understand that rejection is common, it happens with everyone. You are not only one in this world who got rejections. Every person faces small and big rejections in their life.

  • Life partner reject for someone else
  • Friend refuses to spend time
  • Parents reject to do something new
  • Girl rejects to date

These rejections are common for everyone. But we think it only happens to me. Every time don’t ask why me, why it happens to me. Accept small or big rejection it is universally common. Sometimes results don’t come as your wish. Just remember one thing everyone passes through rejections in their life. To overcoming fear of rejection this is the first step you need to do.

2. Learn a lesson

After being a rejected person, never curse your self or someones else. Try to find a good lesson from that rejection. Ask some important question like:

  • Why I was rejected
  • What were my mistakes
  • Which skills I am still lacking
  • How to add new skills

You can ask these types of questions to your self to learn a lesson. It will help you to make your self more prepared for the opportunities of the future. This is the way to convert a failure in opportunities.

3. Understand your value

If you are dating someone and she or he rejects you after a long relationship. After this, some young boys and girls can’t accept it. They feel loneliness and anxiety. It happens with everyone. It is common for a while but it isn’t fair that you forget about your values and talents.

Never make your self granted for another person. Remember your strength, value, and your achievements. Overcome from that rejection as much as you can. You have a great life ahead. Thus, your value can help you to overcome rejection.

4. Create a backup plan

A backup plan is the best option, which will save you from a big risk or loss everywhere not only in this particular subject.

For example, if you complete your graduation with a field that you don’t like and you are not good at that work then you are getting rejections again and again. so, you need to change the field. If you have interest and talent in other fields of work so it is good otherwise you have to start from zero.

A backup will help you to find other good opportunities and you earn money and be independent but if you don’t have backup then it will be hard for you to get work. Hence, always have a backup plan.

5. Avoid toxic people’s opinions

Everyone has toxic peoples in their life, who always want to find opportunities to down your motivation after any failure or rejection in your life, they always make compliments like ‘i knew you can’t do that’ etc. They try to discourage you. To overcoming fear of rejection you have to keep a distance from that type of toxic people.

After listening to them some people lose their hope. Never listen to them, never take their words in mind. Try to stay away from those toxic people.

6. Share your feelings

Find some true people who really care about your life. Such as your parents, your sister or brother, and a true friend. You can share your feelings with them. Just talk to them. They don’t need to be expert but they can motivate you and encourage you to overcome a rejection fear.

They will awaken hope in your mind so that you can start again. Sometimes we don’t prefer to share our bad experience with the people that habit will lead you to anxiety. Always remember sharing reduces pain. But, it will only happen when you share with the right person.

7. Bounce back

After being a rejected person, work harder than before, learn those things which will make your interviewer to higher you. Bounce back is the only option to thrive against a rejection.

Try again after being prepared in one particular work or field. Never give up after a rejection. Good things take time to happen. Work hard and bounce back so those who rejected you will regret it.

The following examples will motivate you to overcoming fear of rejection.

Even successful peoples were rejected

1. Jack ma

jack ma

Jack ma is a successful china’s businessman. He is the founder of Alibaba.com. He was rejected by the KFC company. There were 24 candidates and jack ma was one of them. 23 were selected but only jack ma was rejected. He 10 times rejected by Harvard University. He didn’t give up after all of these big rejections of his career.

2. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

a.p.j abdul kalam

A.P.J Abdul Kalam was a president and space scientist. He is well known as the missile man of India. He wanted to become a fighter pilot. There were 25 candidates and he got 9th rank. They were selected, 8 candidates. Kalam sir. was rejected. But he didn’t give up and become a scientist in ISRO and then he became a president of India.

3. Michael Jordan

Michael jordan

Michael Jordan is a basketball magician. He was a legendary basketball player. He rejected the varsity basketball team. After this rejection, Michael didn’t lose hope and he practices harder and harder. A rejection couldn’t stop him. After a rejection, he became a successful basketball player and inspiration for thousands of people.

4. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is one of the richest authors in this world. But, her journey was not easy. She was alone after her divorce. She started writing a novel, named Harry Potter. When she completed her first novel and went to the publisher at that time almost every publisher rejected her book.

After a 12 publisher’s rejection, she finally could publish her book. 8 Harry Potter films were made from her Book’s story. Imagine if she stops after 12 rejection from a publisher, then we couldn’t get such a character like Harry Potter.

To Sum up

All of these personalities overcome the rejection of fear in their life. So you can understand that rejection is common and you can overcome the rejection fear.

The above tips are the most powerful tips to overcome the rejection of fear. All of these tips will help you to handle initial failure or rejection of fear. So, don’t give you have great opportunities ahead. You should read more motivational posts. Best of luck.

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