10 Powerful Ways to Become A Great Public Speaker

10 Powerful Ways to Become A Great Public Speaker

 ” Public speaking is the art of delivering two-minute idea with a two – hour vocabulary “

Public speaking skill is a very essential skill to grow up in this ultra-modern era. People will remember you by your words and how you make them feel while delivering a speech. You can inspire people with your words and it will help to change other’s life.

Importance of Public speaking in our life

  • School life’s competition
  • In Job Interview
  • Personal Business, While Inspiring the employees
  • Political career and Propaganda
  • In Teamwork
  • When you learn a new Language

Key points to become a powerful public speak

1. Introduction

It is well said that “The first impression is the last impression “. When you start to give your introduction so please remember this thing, Only share needed information about you, because most of the people want to get deep information about the topic you have chosen. consider the following things and information in your introduction.

  • Your full name
  • your Profession
  • Your today’s Topic

2. Enthusiastic delivery of your speech

If you delivering your speech with certain energy and enthusiasm so it will be helpful to connect your audience with your point. Enthusiasm is depended on your voice intonation that how you pronounce the words with the flow of your sentence. Enthusiastic speech is nothing more than giving the power to your words. If you use all these public speaking skills with enthusiasm then you would be a successful public speaker,

3. Voice and Pronunciation


Voice and Pronunciation play a crucial role to deliver your message to your audience. If your voice is clear and understandable so it could create a massive impact on the information you giving to your audience. And another thing is your Pronunciation of words.

sometimes people mess up with pronunciation and the public cannot understand what you are exactly saying. Public speaking skills require a clear voice and pronunciation. If you hesitate while pronouncing the sentence then your audience thinks that you have public speaking fear.

How to improve: Voice depends on our breathing so firstly you need to do exercise which helps to improve your breathing. Try to take a deep breath.

4. Eye contact

eye contact

This is the most important part to connect with the audience. It helps to create an emotional touch. The audience can trust on you. Your bad eye contact will create two misleading effects first is that you mug up the speech and second is you are a liar.

How to improve: Do not hesitate to present your ideas in front of someone and do not be so shy. Try to look at someone’s eyes and give your presentation. Avoid looking up while you giving a speech.

5. Body Language

Body language is a part of nonverbal communication. People can easily understand what you want to speak. Body language is one type of language. It includes eye movement, hands and leg movement, and your facial expression. If your body language is energetic and relevant to your content of subject so you can create a spectacular impact on your audience. Most people make a big mistake by putting their hands in their pockets while speaking. If your bad body language shows your public speaking fear.

How to improve: By practicing your speech in front of the mirror you can easily find your mistakes. This is the best way to improve your body language skills.

6. Use humor


If your speech is Completely based on theory so it could be boring for the audience. we all aware of this situation. So the best way to connect your audience in your Thoroughly speech is making humor. By humor, the audience can relax.

How to make humor: By adding some jokes, funny stories, and live moment commenting. These are the best way to make humor in speech.

7. Understand your Audience

Before you make your speech, you need to know about the audience you will face. There are so many kinds of audiences in this world. you just need to get information about your audience previously. For example, you need to know about your audience’s age, religion, language, and profession. Then you can make a great speech. The speech you have made for children you cannot use it in front of aged people. Most people neglect this point but this is a part of public speaking skills.

How to get information: You can contact your program anchor or organizer

. They can give all information about your audience.

8. Heart touching speech

You can deliver a great speech by your tongue if you speak from your heart

So many people trying to win the audience’s heart but they are failing again and again. They do not know the secret of winning the audience’s heart. The first step you have to do is to know your audience’s current major problems and troubles. If you speak about the solution to their problem you can win their heart definitely. But if obtained good public speaking skill then you can win the audience’s heart

How to win people’s hearts: Know their problems, give the right and effective solution. Add some effective quotes which are said by a great person.

9. Practice and Preparation

Practice make you more perfect in your field

The practice is the most important factor in public speaking skills. If you have done enough practice, it will help to create a certain level of confidence. You can practice your speech in several ways. The first and most useful way is to practice your speech in front of the mirror. You can feel your self in front of the mirror.

Also, you can get what type of mistakes are you doing while you speak. this way is also helpful in improving your body language. If you want to obtain good public speaking skill then you need a lot of practice and preparation. You can overcome your public speaking fear by your consistent practice and preparation.

10. How to remember your speech

Most of the people have this problem that how to remember a speech. Most of them are prefer to mug up the speech. If you remember your speech in an efficient way then you don’t need to mug up the speech. Here are some significant tips to remember your speech

  1. Remember small points. for example, Introduction, quotes, Biography example, Story of the rich king, and ending speech and gratitude. This thing helps you to remember the entire speech.
  2. Don’t take content from the internet. Write your speech by your self. You can connect with your speech.
  3. Tell your own experience, you can easily remember it very well.

To sum up

These public speaking skill improvement tips are very important to be a good public speaker. You can relieve fro the public speaking fear if you apply these tips in your speech.

Nowadays, you can’t neglect public speaking skills because it is very significant to unleash your potential. If you want to be a leader or you want to get a good job so the public speaking skills will help you to achieve your dreams. Instead of these public speaking skills also there are other skills and tips but these all tips are very essential.

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