New 8 Most Useful Computer Skills For Career Growth

New 8 Most Useful Computer Skills For Career Growth

In this technical world, almost every work running by computer. Companies need a person who has basic computer skills. There are two types of work one is hardware and another is software. In this following information, you can learn the importance of computer skills and what are the most required skills you need to develop.

What are computer skills

Computer skills are those skills which help you to make your work easier and help you to solve your computer bugs. Computer skills are divided into two parts Hardware and Software.

Hardware work is related to change computer parts, fix a problem, and connecting with other electronic devices. Hardware skills are not more important in jobs. It indeed requires when you specifically want to be a worker who only solves hardware problems.

In the software part, you need to get some knowledge about the software which is generally using everywhere or in your workplace. For example, if you are an accountant or CA you need account software knowledge. There is some common software you need to learn like, PowerPoint and excel.

Why computer skills are important

If you are running your own business then computer skills will help you to make your online presence. It will help you to get intensive growth in your business through online marketing. For example, if you have a cake shop then you can target your aria’s

If you are looking for a job then you have to learn some basic computer skills which are required at your job place. Nowadays, every company wants a person who has computer skills. Basic computer skills can make your resume more effective.

List of computer skills

1. Operating system (Windows)

There are three most using the operating system, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Most of the people are using Windows OS. There are different functions and programs in all OS. If you have the knowledge of running anyone OS then it will be easy to learn another OS. The operating system helps you to work on computers. Without any knowledge of OS, you can’t do anything on your computer. You can learn it on youtube or Google.

2. Presentation ( Powerpoint)

If you want to show your idea or project to someone then you have to make a presentation that has each and every information about your project. Most of the people are using Powerpoint for presentation. The presentation can make your idea and plan more effective and impressive. This is a general skill which you have to develop. You can easily learn Powerpoint from youtube tutorials.

3. Spreadsheets (Excel, google sheet)

Spreadsheets are using for saving data into table forms which include some calculation tools. Spreadsheets are basically using for data analysis and charts. You can measure your data and information in table forms. Excel and google sheets are widely used software in this world.

Every company is using spreadsheets for making reports. You have to learn how to manipulate data in the spreadsheet. Take time to learn these skills. You can learn from Youtube or Google. It is easy to learn and access.

4. Office suits (G suit, Microsoft office)

Office suites include so many useful software which helps in various work. There is two main office suits G suit which is made by Google and Microsoft Office, both have included various software and tools. G mail, google sheet, google drive, google Docs and etc. are included in G suit. You can use all this software in G suit.

Microsoft office suite has Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and other software. Which you can use from Microsoft office. You need to have experience in all those software. For example, Google Docs is useful to save and manipulate your documents. Many employees prefer to save their important documents in Google Docs.

5. Communication (Skype)

Nowadays people are using online meet-ups for group meetings. Every company may remain in touch with its employees through online meetings. Skype is widely using software for this service. You need to learn how to create a meeting and how to operate this software.

There is different communication then offline meetings. How to share your screen and how to ask and answer someone in a meeting. All these things you have to learn. Through daily practicing and experience, you can learn how to communicate with people through online meetings.

6. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

It is a part of basic computer skills. Everyone knows how to use social media but, very few people know how to use social media for business. Here, you need to learn how to create an online presence that will help you to grow your business. People think that social media is made for only sharing traveling and food images but, it has changed now.

If you know how to handle your followers and how to keep in touch with them through social media then it will be very profitable for you. Nowadays, companies and small businessmen are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media software for running a successful business.

7. Accounting (Quickbooks)

If you want to get a job in a finance company or you have your own business then accounting software is important. CA and the accountant should learn this software. Quickbooks software is useful for accounting work. This software has banking, invoice, expenses, employees, reports, and tax service tools. You can handle your all financial data here.

8. Data Analysis

Data analysis is a computer skill but very few people understand the importance of data analysis. Data analysis is the best way to measure your growth and information. For example, if you made a spreadsheet for your sales then you need to analysis that what is the growth of your business compare to past month data. Data analysis helps to make a decision for any work.

To sum up

Computer skills are the most demanded skills for job and business. You get a good job if you have all of these computer skills.

You can easily learn these computer skills from video tutorials because these are the basic computer skills. It is not as difficult as you think. With a certain experience and knowledge, you can develop computer skills.

By adding all these computer skills you can make a strong resume. So learn these computer skills and apply for your career growth. Best of Luck.

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